LMAC-Zimbabwe-Website-BannerProtecting, promoting and furthering the interests of those engaged in the Livestock and Meat Industry in Zimbabwe,
ensuring the economic viability of the sector, and providing services and assistance to its Member Associations.
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February 2021: Note that we are currently in the process of adding information about some Associations.
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Membership of the Livestock and Meat Advisory Council of Zimbabwe

Our Membership is drawn from the following constituent organisations: 

  • The Commercial Farmers' Union
  • The Zimbabwe Farmers' Union
  • The Indigenous Commercial Farmers' Union

    and their properly constituted Livestock Commodity Associations.

  • The Cold Storage Company
  • Colcom
  • Meatmark
  • Livestock Auctioneers
  • The Zimbabwe Association of Butchers
  • The Zimbabwe Association of Private Abattoirs
  • Livestock Development Trust
  • The Livestock Identification Trust
  • The Hides and Skins Industry
  • The Fish Industry

Each of these organisations recognises and accepts their nominee as representing the interests of their respective members on all matters related to Livestock and Meat.

The following Governmental Members are Ex Officio Members of the Advisory Council:

  • The Ministry of Agriculture - Policy and Planning Division
  • The Department of Research and Specialist Services
  • The Department of Veterinary Services.

These organisations were Founder Members of the Advisory Council:

The Commercial Farmers' Union,The Zimbabwe Farmers' Union, The Indigenous Commercial Farmers' Union, The Cold Storage Company, Colcom, Livestock Auctioneers, The Zimbabwe Association of Butchers, The Zimbabwe Association of Private Abattoirs and the Fish Industry.

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